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At Finder Investigative Services, our private investigator has experience in handling cases in a number of different topics, including Florida construction industry, and fraudulent business practices. We are also good using various record searches to locate people who have disappeared. This is commonly known as "skip tracing". Maybe someone who owes you money has left town and you are unable to locate him? Or maybe you want to find a old friend you have lost contact with? Using public record searches and specilized databases that are only accessable to licensed investigators, we can help you find the person you're looking for.

We understand the importance of professionalism and confidentiality. We know there are also times when you need an investigator, but don't want to get law enforcement involved because it could hurt the image of your business or you personally. We will handle your case discretely and confidentially. Remember, when you hire us, we are working for you! Your case file will not be shared with anyone else, and it is not subject to public records requests as it would be if law enforcement took your case. 

About Steven Bulinski, Owner of Finder Investigative Services, LLC
Steven is a sharp and resourceful investigator, who has a knack for solving cases that have stumped other investigators. He has spent years developing his skills both at educational institutions and through his past employment. Here is a selection of his resume:

Past Employment

Investigator, State of Florida, Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation
Paralegal, Hayes Law Construction Litigation Law Firm
Complaint Analyst, State Bar of California

Licenses and Certifications

State of Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services Class C Private Investigation License, #C1600271

State of Florida Dept. of Financial Services Unclaimed Property Registered Locator, #107376002
Florida Association of Code Enforcement, Level I, #5328
State of Florida Notary Public
Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.  Initial consultation with a licensed private investigator is free!  We can be reached at (407) 885-5280, or you can use the form below.
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