​​At present, the State of Florida is holding over $1 billion in cash and property that belongs to people just like you. Finder Investigative Services, LLC is a Registered Locator in the State of Florida. We can help you find unclaimed money or other property that belongs to you, and represent you in recovering what is rightfully yours. Call or write to us any time, and we will search for your unclaimed property for no charge. We can be reached by phone at (407) 885-5280 or by email at info@finderinv.com .
What is unclaimed property?
Unclaimed property is money or other property that is in the custody of the state after the holder of the property has been unable to locate the rightful owner for the purpose of returning the property. This can be because the owner has moved and the holder of the property does not have the owner’s new address. Similarly, if an owner is deceased, the holder of the property may not be able to find the rightful heir, so again the property must be turned over to the custody of the state.
Unclaimed property can mean a lot of things. It can be funds that served as deposits for utilities accounts that were unable to be returned to the owner. It can money from forgotten savings accounts.  It can be stock dividend checks that were never cashed.  It can be insurance benefits due to a policy holder or beneficiary.
Why is the state holding my money?
Businesses are required to turn any accounts over to the state that are considered to be unclaimed or abandoned. This is a good policy. The alternative would be for businesses to continue to hold onto funds that don’t belong to them.  If that was allowed, it would basically be an incentive for businesses to be “unable to locate” property owners so they could keep the rightful owners’ property.
While the state does make attempts to locate the rightful owners, they are often unable to given the limited information provided by the holders at the time the property is remitted. Due to the difficulty in finding and contacting every owner of unclaimed property, the state allows certain third-party companies known as Registered Locators to find the rightful owners and assist them in recovering their property. Finder Investigative Services, LLC is one of those companies.

Did you receive a letter from our office?

If you have received a letter or postcard from our office, it means that we have information leading us to believe that the state is holding property that could belong to you. Please get in touch with us to further discuss how we can assist you in retrieving your property. You will not have to pay any up-front fees. The only payment due will be a percentage of the property value if your claim is approved by the state, which is typically 20% of the amount recovered. If we are unable to get your claim approved, you owe us nothing. If we get your claim approved, we would be paid our share directly by the state. You will not be billed for any amount by our office.

Why should you choose us to assist with your claim?

First, claims can be rejected for a number of different reasons. Claims frequently get rejected due to insufficient documentation showing that the claimant is entitled to the property. When you choose to have FInder Investigative Services, LLC represent you in recovering your property, you can be confident in knowing that we will obtain and submit all necessary documentation to get your claim approved. If getting your claim approved requires any supporting documents to be purchased, we will cover 100% of the cost of such documents.

Second, we are an actively licensed Private Investigation Agency. Pursuant to Florida Statute Ch. 717, only licensed private investigators, attorneys, and certified public accountants are allowed to act as unclaimed property claimant representatives in Florida. You can verify our agency license status at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website . Finder Investigative Services, LLC is also registered with the Florida Department of FInancial Services as a registered locator, and is an active Limited Liability Company with the Florida Division of Corporations, which can be verified by clicking here .
If you haven’t received any correspondence from our office, but you are curious whether the state is holding any property belonging to you, a family member, or friend, you should still contact us.  Many people have money being held by the state and they don’t even know it!  I have even found unclaimed accounts that belong to me and my family members.

If you would like to submit an online request for a property search, please go to Free Unclaimed Money Search

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