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About the Finder Investigative Services K-9 Team

Meet Inspector Django, PI, our bloodhound trained in human tracking. Bloodhounds are one of the best search and rescue dogs, due largely to the fact that they have the best sense of smell of all dog breeds. When it comes to detecting the most minute scent traces, no other breed comes close to the bloodhound. They are also very determined dogs that are willing to follow a trail for miles. That is why countless law enforcement agencies around the world continue to employ bloodhounds for tasks like locating missing persons and tracking down criminals.

​Inspector Django has received extensive professional training in human tracking and lost pet locating from some of the best trainers in Florida. The majority of his training was provided by the professionals at Central Florida K-9 . They have trained countless dogs that have been used by the military and law enforcement agencies, as well as major theme parks.​
Florida Bloodhound K-9 Service
Here are some of the ways the Finder Investigative Services K-9 Team can help you:

  • Locating Missing Children Children may go missing for a number of reasons, including being abducted, intentionally running away, or just getting lost and unable to find their way home. We can help you retrace your child's steps to determine where he or she may be.
  • Locating Lost Elderly People It is not just children who can become lost, but older adults as well. This is especially true if the individual suffers from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. For some people, just taking a walk outside can lead to tragedy if they become disoriented and unable to find their way home.
  • Locating Lost Property Have you ever gone for a walk and accidentally dropped an item such as keys or a wallet? Our bloodhound can retrace your steps to help you find your missing property. When the dog comes across any item you have dropped, he will naturally stop for the item since it contains a concentration of the scent that he has been following, alerting the handler to the location of the item.
  • Lost Pet Searches If you need help finding your missing dog, our K-9 team can be hired to track your pet and help bring him or her home.

What You Should Do If Someone Goes Missing

Call for help immediately. If search dogs need to be used to find the missing person, it is always better to get them on the trail as soon as possible. The scent that a person leaves behind fades with age, and you stand a better chance of successfully tracking the person when you can quickly get a dog on their trail. Give us a call any time. Even if you have already called law enforcement, we can work side by side with the police to help bring your loved one home.
Inspector Django, PI comes from a long line of award-winning, pedigreed bloodhounds. He has even earned a few awards himself, with show wins that include "Best of Breed" and "Best of Class".
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