​​The following list includes some of the services that Finder Investigative Services can provide for you.

Private Investigation Price List

Background Investigation Price List
​​Person Locating, Skip Tracing, & Witness Statements

Are you searching for witnesses in a criminal or civil matter? Or searching for someone who owes money to your business? Finder Investigative Services can conduct investigations to help you find whoever it is you are looking for. These types of assignments start with various investigative database and public record searches. As a licensed private investigator, we have access to specialized public record aggregators that are not accessible by the general public. We can provide you with the results of these searches. We can also provide additional investigation services, including locating and interviewing acquaintances or other witnesses, and making contact with the subject. If you need any witness statement for a criminal or civil matter, we can help you obtain written and recorded statements. For more information, please read:  Person Locating Services  

Bloodhound K-9 Services - Missing Persons & Lost Pets

Our K-9 team consists of skilled K-9 handlers and a bloodhound trained in tracking humans and dogs. We are available for search and rescue services, missing persons cases, lost pet locating, and any other type of case where tracking down an indivual is required. For more information, please read:
Bloodhound K-9 Services

Mobile Notary Services

If you need a Notary Public to notarize documents or perform any other notarial act at your location, Finder Investigative Services can travel to meet you with our mobile notary service.

Florida Unclaimed Money and Property Locating

Do you have any unclaimed money or property held by the State of Florida? Finder Investigative Serives, LLC is a Registered Locator in the State of Florida. That means we are properly licensed and registered in Florida to help you find money and property that belongs to you, and assist you in recovering it.
More Information About Unclaimed Property   
​You may also request a database search at our unclaimed property site by clicking here:
Free Unclaimed Money Search

Criminal Background Investigations

If you have concerns about an individual’s background, we can provide you with an investigative report detailing any criminal activity he or she may have been involved in.  As a licensed private investigation agency, we have access to databases and search tools that are not available to the general public.  We can provide the results of those searches to you.
*Finder Investigative Services, LLC is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, and does not perform individual background checks for employment or tenant screening purposes. Client must have a permissible purpose. Please contact our office for details.

Florida Construction Industry Contractor Investigations

Florida construction business investigation is one of our specialties. Investigator Steven Bulinski has years of investigative and legal experience in the construction industry. If you have been victimized by an unscrupulous contractor, please call us to discuss your matter. If you are a contractor and want to know more about potential business partners and sub-contractors, we can provide you with due diligence reports and business background check services.

Asset Searches

Finder Investigative Services can conduct investigations into an individual's assets and provide you with a report of the findings. This services is useful for pre-litigation case assessment and locating missing property.
*This services may only be offered to clients with a legally permissible purpose.

Other Private Investigation Services

If you need a more in depth investigation of any subject, we can help you with that too. We can assist you with:
  • locating and recovering lost or stolen property
  • identifying perpetrators of fraud or other criminals acts
  • securing records and evidence
  • surveillance and photographic evidence collecting
Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.  Initial consultation with a licensed private investigator is free!  We can be reached at (407) 885-5280, or you can use the form below.
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